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When: For beginners; Saturdays noon-2.    This will happen every week, with exceptions for holidays etc. As things evolve we may do additional classes at other times, let me know what works for you so I can start planning.

Where: The workshop takes place at Elsie Earl Studios at 427 S. Whittaker St. in New Buffalo, MI. 

Fee: $12.50 per session, please bring cash, I don't have a card reader

The intentions and goals of this on-going workshop:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Improvisation

  • This will be done using the classic Viola Spolin and Players Workshop games

  • Eventually, we intend to do "long scene" work and versions of "The Herald" and other long-forms

  • The focus is on  greater access to creativity, and spontaneity, while providing new tools for writing, acting, teaching, facilitation, and speaking

  • Of course, if we're not having fun and learning something, we're not doing it right

  • Comedy is the by-product, but not the focus -- in fact, we will actively work on dramatic improv in addition to humor

  • Doing a public show(s) is a possibility, but we'd need to grow a real team before that would make sense 

  • This is for adults. I'd love to do a kid's or young adults workshop, so if you have an interest in that, please talk to me. 


You're welcome to just drop-in, but, it would be good to know who's coming, so please drop me a line or a text to let me know. or 773-251-8567.





Gregg Fraley is the Hairy Buffalo founder and facilitator.


In the 80s, Gregg did stand-up comedy, working clubs in Cincinnati, Dayton, St. Louis, and Boston. When he moved to Chicago he trained with Players Workshop of Second City, and IO Theater, learning the basics of Improv and advanced forms like The Harold. He did public shows with a group that experimented with using Improv to solve real-world problems in real-time, on stage. He hosted a business podcast called The Innovise Guys with Doug Stevenson. He’s trained many small groups of CEO’s in using Improv as a Vistage Speaker. He’s the author of the business novel Jack’s Notebook. Gregg resides in Three Oaks Township, MI.

To reserve your seats:
Text your name, email address, and number of guests to 734-646-6633.  Please pay your invoice when it comes.  There is limited seating of 50.  The event is private.  All sales are
online before the date.  BYOB and snacks!

Event address:  427 S Whittaker St, New Buffalo, MI
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