Acrylic Pour Class MWF  1:00-3pm CDT


Monday 8/8, Wednesday 8/10, & Friday 8/12 1-3  CDT.   

Location:  Clay Cabin at The Dunes Summer Theatre

288 Shady Oak Dr., Michiana Shores. 

The three series class fee is  $75.  This covers all three classes. 


Class  supplies are provided : Canvas, paint, paper towel for swiping, paint, use of silicone, torches, push pins, tape, paper cups and Floetrol and tools to create a special effect. If you have a cake spreader please bring it to class..
The beginning class will give you exposure to a variety of techniques  Such as swipe, open pour ,flip cup, ninja, puddle pour.    You will be able to :
Understand how to mix paint using Floetrol; the advantages  and disadvantages of pre-mixed acrylic paint;  the use of silicone products and the effect you will get;   see different art pieces using a variety of techniques;   advance in your technique by practicing  on canvas using a more advanced method of swiping;   see samples of projects using two canvas that tie in together;   receive individual attention to create a master piece using a technique called the sandwich pour or open pour.


You will successfully complete  4 projects .
Below are photos of swipes using black paint, open pours, swipes and sandwich pour .

To register contact Loretta@elsieearlstudios.com