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I’ve been thinking of some old friends while I have fun with one of my new endeavors.   You may know that August 2020 I became a rep for Discovery Toys.    You might be one of a few friends of mine who has a similar passion in educational toys, fun, and or kids!  


Back in the early 80’s I first heard about these products.  I thought they were exciting and bought them for my own kids, nieces and nephews.


I actually joined them briefly to do a fund raiser for Max’s preschool.   They wanted to earn several teach yourself Chess sets.


I’m not sure if you know that Discovery Toys has undergone several incarnations.  It began in 1978- 1998.  It was eventually sold to Avon, 2 venture capitol companies (it began being sold in retail stores), and most recently to a new team 6 years ago, that I like.


They went from 200,000 - some reps to now just 1700 in US and Canada.   It’s a ground floor opportunity worth considering once again.


It’s a little strange trying to build a direct-sales team during a pandemic.   I’m being a little creative with it and think it might be something that works.   I’m newish here in New Buffalo and don’t have a ton of contacts- certainly not families with kids.   I’m allowing local families to join a “Toy Testing Club”.  They are all having a great time with it.  They get 6 items per week to try out. in their homes  They then write a brief review and a rating 1-5.   It seems to be a great way to develop a relationship with customers and for them to watch their kids with the products.  That’s something that generally is missing from parties.   You can get a whole different perspective when you see the kids with them.   I bought a lot of Discovery Toys over the years which my kids loved.  But there were some that I loved but didn’t necessarily appeal to my kids.  I didn’t have that opportunity to watch them play with them before buying.  I also schedule online demo parties and Game Nights.


I’d like to invite you to consider either joining as a wholesale buyer (because you may have your own kids or by now have lots of grandchildren and great nieces and nephews to buy gifts for) or to join to build a business team.  


If you choose to consider either option- this month (February 2021) it is only $69 to join.   Then you get to choose $140 worth of product.   There are no minimums either way. As a wholesale buyer you save 25% off retail prices. (50% with this one-time joining fee).   And as a business builder you are getting a 25% commission which is high for direct sales companies.


I am enjoying meeting with the heads of the company on Zoom twice a week.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know who it is that is running the company.  I like them.   There are 75-150 reps on the call each time.


Think about either option and let me know if you are interested in either one!   I hope I can say 


“Welcome aboard!”