(now "to go" or one family at a time only)

Reasonably priced and same-day take-home.  

Great for families, kids, adults, birthday parties,

seniors, bachelorette parties, girls' night out,

and other special occasions; 

appointment only. 

Allow AT LEAST 1 hr. to paint

and 20 min. to dry.      


Most items are $7.-$10

By appointment
Call or text
for families, kids, & adults


Paint with acrylic paints on plaster sculptures, trinket boxes, or wall plaques,  I will bring to senior centers and living communities or seniors can come to the studios as a field trip.



Gail Pecurai, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Glacier Hills, Ann Arbor Our residents truly enjoy Loretta's (Elsie Earl Studio) class.  The selection of items to paint is wonderful-unique, pretty, functional, cute and seasonal.  It is not intimidating to those who have no talent but interesting enough for the artistically inclined.  They love the individual paint palettes with many color choices. The aprons are also a nice touch, but Loretta's warm personality and helpful nature really make it a fun and memorable afternoon.  We tried one class and the residents insisted on having her back every month! 


Erica Humphrey, Activity Director, Brookhaven Manor Apartments, Ann Arbor: “Elsie Earl Studios was the perfect outing for our seniors. They had such a great time picking out their pieces and painting them. Our seniors enjoyed themselves so much that they want us to make another trip to the studios soon! Some of them even said they planned on going back on their own time. The space was very cozy and inviting. Loretta was the perfect host. She was accommodating to our seniors who were in wheelchairs and those who needed a little more extra help. The prices were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Elsie Earl Studios to people of all ages”